Thursday, May 28, 2009

Respiratory Flu

It's been over a week since I've exercised. I am tired. I am dizzy and I really don't feel like sweating. I've had this respiratory flu for just a week now. My youngest seems to be coming down with it today. The doctor told me it can linger 10-15 days than you think you're done with it and - boom - it hits again. So I want to be cautious. I'm also anxious. I don't want this reprieve from my "new health" routine send me down a spiral of weight gain and lethargic muscle tone. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update from the weekend

The weekend went well. I didn't gain any pounds. I did snack, however. I didn't succeed with all my expectations. But I did get  6 days of exercise in the 4 days prior to leaving for the Great Banquet. 

I'm a little off my habit of recording my food intake. I know this is vital, to know throughout the day how much I've eaten so I don't over eat by the end of the day. 

Yesterday I did quite a bit of gardening and gardening must have some major benefits to the backside because this morning - wow! aches and pains, but in a good way.

And let's hear it for Helen. A woman. A 48 year old woman winning the Biggest Loser. But I must say she looked incredibly thin, incredibly fit yet incredibly thin. I noticed she was at 147 when she left the ranch and at the finale last night she weight 117. She lost 30 pounds more! The other two (Mike and Tara) were no where near that number as far as weight loss while home. I wonder if Helen did the math and figured she would have to lose a lot more weight in order to exceed Mike and Tara. It worked. 

And then there was Jerry, who won the $100,000 at home biggest loser. Wow! 64 years old and only on the ranch for two weeks. What an example of perseverance.

So I'm still hovering at 203. Been there for about a month. I'm glad it's not moving up but feel I need to kick it in gear to get the scale going down. But it's going to have to wait - Ian's graduating next week and in-laws are coming, big party plans, etc. But exercise is my passion and keeps my motivation up.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Leaving for the weekend today.

I'm a little frustrated. I've cranked up the work out yet my weight has leveled - stagnant. I can't seem to get below 200. I'm just hovering right above it. So frustrating.

I hope Helen wins on Biggest Loser simply because she's 48. Early on in the show (not this season but previous) I complained that only women in their 20s and early 30s were picked (I think I even sent a letter to the show). Now here's a woman who I can relate to - struggles (probably) with the hormone thing. And she's doing it. She's incredibly fit. Ran a marathon. Looks great. 
I really would prefer Mike and Ron to lose. I know they have done incredibly well but Ron's deception over Christy really aggravated me. 

Ta ta for now. Eat well, exercise, enjoy life. Eat to live.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anticipating Sabotage

I'm doing well this week - pushing hard in my exercise routine (10 miles/day) because I'm going on a retreat this weekend so I want to get in my weekly (6 days) miles in only four days. 

But I am also anticipating the desserts and snacks I will face Thursday through Sunday. So my big question: how do you anticipate temptation? When faced with the onslaught of chocolate chip cookies, cakes, mini-hersey bars and anything else you consider taboo, how do you set yourself up to succeed? Last time I went on this retreat I knew if I started imbibing, even if I lingered near the snack table, all was lost. Once a sugary sweet passes my lips all self-control and discipline has vanished. I truly feel out of control. So my best bet is simply not take anything. Then I must cope with the feelings of deprivation. I know, I know, I know what is best. I must gear myself up to hold steadfast to that. I will be taking several packs of gum (just like they recommend on the Biggest Loser). What would you do?