Monday, June 15, 2009

1996 - It was a good year but...

I missed a day of exercising last week so I didn't reach my goal of 42 miles so I didn't reach my goal of pushing past 2000 miles. 1996 miles walked since November 2007. That's like starting out here in little ol' Sparta and almost making it to Seattle, Washington. Almost.

Leaner Lamb has a great reminder of what makes healthy habits stick. I have fallen have the wagon and think I broke an ankle cuz' it's hard to jump back on. I'm not recording my diet and like lamb said, "those of us who struggle with weight eat without even thinking." Yeap, it's true. At dinner time I could have already eaten my 1600 calories for the day, but heck, I need to sit down and eat with the family, so here goes another 500-750 calories! And then, boom, I'm eating more than expending. No weight gain (thank goodness for my commitment to exercise) but the losing has stalled for about 2 months.

SO....send good thoughts, rebuking and challenging, and perhaps your ideas to keep journalling a priority (and yes I use sparkpeople).

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